About accounts

What is BitStar Store ID?

In order to use the services of this website, you need to create the free "BitStar Store ID".

How to create the BitStar Store ID?

You can create your "BitStar Store ID" from the following page: JOIN

Please enter your e-mail address and password, and please click " SUBMIT (Free)" button.

If the confirmation e-mail does not reach you, please check whether e-mail address that you entered is correct or not and check your settings against spam e-mails. Then please enter your e-mail address again in the following page: Registration confirmation e-mail re-send.

How to log in?

You can login to MY PAGE from the following page: BitStar Store ID Login

If you forget your password, you can reset the password from the following page: Password Reset

Change of registration information

You can change your information for "BitStar Store ID" from the following page: BitStar Store ID registration information

※ Please understand that some items can not be changed.

Regarding methods of payment


The following card brands are available.
There will not be any handling fee if you choose to pay with credit cards.


Regarding the shipping of items

Shipping fee

Shipping fees by area Shipping fee
Shipping to the area in Japan except for Okinawa JPY ¥880(tax included)
Shipping to Okinawa JPY ¥2,068(tax included)
International Shipping (Outside of Japan) Please see the following page

*Shipment fee may differ according to the items.

Methods of delivery

Please refer the About Delivery.

About inquiry

If you have any inquiries or concerns regarding your purchased items, please consult this page.