About payment

You can use Creditcard to settle the payment.


Settlement fee:¥0

Accepted credit card types

Payment method:Please enter your credit card information at payment method input screen.

About security code

The security code is a special kind of code that is used for preventing unauthorized use of a credit card or a debit card. Please check the following descriptions to find the security code of your credit card.

  • VISA, MasterCard, JCB, Diners Club: Three-digit numbers that are listed in the reverse side of the credit card
    (It is located to the right of the main card number)
  • American Express: Four-digit numbers that are listed on the front side of the credit card
    (It is located in the upper right of the main card number)

If you cannot find or read your security code, please contact your bank or credit card company that is listed on your card.

Authentication by personal authentication service - 3D Secure 2.0

This service is to make credit card payments over the Internet more secure. Risk-based authentication is performed based on the payment information of the card user.
For majority of transactions additional authentications are not required, and only for transactions deemed high-risk additional authentications such as one-time passwords will be required.
The method and the display screen of authentications vary depending on the card issuer. Please check with your card issuer for details.

*Credit cards that do not support 3D Secure 2.0 cannot be used. Please check with your credit card issuer.
*Please note, that even if the authentication is completed, credit may not be approved depending on the customer's credit card usage.

Regarding methods of payment


The following card brands are available.
There will not be any handling fee if you choose to pay with credit cards.


Regarding the shipping of items

Shipping fee

Shipping fees by area Shipping fee
Shipping to the area in Japan except for Okinawa JPY ¥880(tax included)
Shipping to Okinawa JPY ¥2,068(tax included)
International Shipping (Outside of Japan) Please see the following page

*Shipment fee may differ according to the items.

Methods of delivery

Please refer the About Delivery.

About inquiry

If you have any inquiries or concerns regarding your purchased items, please consult this page.